Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fun Stuff in the Yard

Walking past a small duplex on Alberta, we saw a wooden picture frame wired to a cyclone fence with a piece of cardboard attached that read "Portland". We had to ask. A young guy named Scott answered the door. Looking like he just woke up, messy hair and shirtless. We asked him about the frame and Portland Sign and he said his room mate had just moved to New York and put it there. Because they have a lot of random piles of stuff through out their place he didn't know the significance of the portland sign, but figured it was just something his roommate found before he left. The Frame itself, however, had been wired to the fence when they moved in.'

The first house that Graham and I found was down the street from the yard statue place. The yard was gardened with care but had a really eclectic assortment of plants and a metal sculpture. (See Grahams' Blog for photos) Gerard was the man's name who lived there. He was really nice and enjoyed chatting with us. His wife made the sculpture in College and the plants in the yard were all stuff that people gave them. The house numbers were really interesting. Handmade, colorful, and fun!

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